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May. 20th, 2005 @ 12:52 am 5 Card Nancy
All of these comics were generated using the quite fun 5 Card Nancy Generator by people with too much time on their hands in chat (mostly Jeff, Spacecow, Yumblie, and me, but I'm giving credit where it's due).

Nancy draws from experience and angers the gods (Spacecow)
Nancy's life of crime catches up to her (Jeff)
Nancy creates a vacuum (Jeff)
Sluggo takes care of a little problem... (me)
The Adventures of Nancy and Kitty (Jeff)
Nancy gets excited, calms down, becomes irritated (Spacecow)
Nancy is bored (Jeff)
Nancy learns the fine art of blowing (Spacecow)
Punishment by killer robot (me, as edited by Jeff)
Nancy is obsessed with dogs (Spacecow)
Nancy and Sluggo feel the effects of food poisoning (Spacecow)
Nancy gets mugged and high (Jeff)
Nancy wastes time (Spacecow)
The rigged telephone (Jeff)
Nancy turns into a ghost (Spacecow)
Nancy has horrible thoughts about animals (Jeff)
Nancy sabotages the house, gets attacked by...? (me)
Nancy and Sluggo wreak havoc (me)
More boredom (bhlaab)
The funniest thing Nancy ever saw (me)
Nancy's elaborate death trap (me)
Nancy the popcorn glutton (me)
Nancy ditches Oscar for TV (me)
The Epic of Nancy (Jeff)
The dangers of premarital sex (me)
Boredom + Heat = INSANITY (me)
Nancy turns into a dog (me)
Nancy liberates herself from the deadbeat cartoonist (me)
Sluggo walks in on something disturbing (me)
Nancy's daily routine (me)
The Further Adventures of Nancy and Kitty (Jeff)
Sluggo and Nancy celebrate their victory (me)
Nancy fantasizes about fighting a robot (Jeff)
Nancy tells the story of Sluggo's demise (me)
Nancy and Sluggo's hot date (Jeff)
Nancy cheats on her essay (me)
Nancy hallucinates from lack of food (Spacecow)
More sabotage, Nancy forgets something (me)
Nancy is bipolar, Sluggo is depressed (me)
Nancy's crazy day (Spacecow)
Violence solves everything (Spacecow)
Nancy finally gets rid of Kitty (Jeff)
Nancy gets really paranoid (me)
The wonderful world of gorillas (Jeff)
The mysterious UFO (SergeantJamJars, as edited by me)
Nancy gets some hired muscle (me)
Not dull anymore (SergeantJamJars)
Nancy's dream animal (SergeantJamJars)
Nancy gets a spanking, ponders names (Spacecow)
Nancy tortures Kitty even further (Jeff)
Nancy is lazy (SergeantJamJars)
Nancy craves a midnight snack (Spacecow)
Nancy slips on the ice (Jeff)
Nancy sticks it to the man (Spacecow)
DON'T LOOK BACK (SergeantJamJars)
A midnight adventure (Yumblie)
Aunt Fritzi is a bit too strict (SergeantJamJars)
Nancy's crime spree (Yumblie)
Nancy's life of crime comes to an end (Jeff)
Midnight courtesy call from a friendly centipede (Spacecow)
Nancy gets distracted by hippos before investgating (Yumblie)
Nancy gets excited about boredom (SergeantJamJars)
Nancy's wish is ruined (me)
The best day ever (Spacecow)
Nancy's anger gets way out of control (Yumblie)
The cartoonist has really lousy memory (Jeff)
Nancy unravels another mystery (Spacecow)
PARTY TIME (Yumblie)
Nancy flees the country (me)
Nancy's too tired (Spacecow)
The UFO of Stench (me)
Sluggo would make a fine centipede (me)
Nancy's creativity is stifled (me)
Nancy and Sluggo do some intimidation work for the mob (me)
Nancy completely forgets about helping Sluggo (me)
The death of Sluggo (Vorpy)
Nancy tortures Sluggo on camera (me)
Nancy is way too fast for Sluggo (me)
Nancy gets confused (me)
The sun torments Sluggo (me)
Sluggo scares Nancy too much (Spacecow)
Nancy has a wild time alone (Yumblie)
Nancy and Sluggo take really really long walks (me) (bittersweet alternate ending)
Nancy Film Noir (Jeff)
The Peace Treaty falls through (me)
Petty vandalism (Vorpy)
Bedding down goes horribly wrong (Spacecow)
Uncle Jim's revenge (Yumblie)
Very strict housekeeping (Jeff)
Nancy tries to share her joy (Yumblie)
Nancy always tries to run away (me)
The second-funniest thing Nancy ever saw (me)
Fritzi has Nancy taken care of (Yumblie)
Nancy's shocking realization (me)
Nancy needs all the luck she can get (Yumblie)
Sluggo's shocking work ethic (KaruraDiamatis)
Nancy saves Santa (me)
Nancy is cruel (me)
Ancient perfume (KaruraDiamatis)
Nancy's peep show (me)
Never, ever steal Nancy's clippers (me)
Girls sure do take a long time to get ready (Jeff)
Fate is a 5 year old girl (me)
Nancy gets stuck doing menial labor (me)
Fritzi's as harsh as ever (Jeff)
Nancy ate too much (Jeff)
Married life ain't all it's cracked up to be (KaruraDiamatis)
Sluggo is a dope (me)
Never mention being hungry around Fritzi (me)
Don't jump with a sharpened pencil in your hand (me)
No comment (me)
I think it's a bit late for that! (me)
Nancy's perfect setup backfires (Jeff)
That's not a word! (Jeff)
Please enter credit card number to see rest of comic (me)
Can't go outside with a dirty book (Jeff)
Stay hidden, cat! (mancalamania)
Nancy's day is haunted by strange visions (Jeff)
A vast skunk conspiracy (Jeff)
Nancy cleans the rugs after all (Jeff)
Cheap gag (me)
Nancy discriminates (Jeff)
Nancy loses everything in the silver mine collapse (MewMewtwo45)
The bourgeois must BURN (me)
Nancy and Sluggo forget something crucial (Jeff)
Whoa there, calm down! (Jeff)
The estrangement of Nancy and Sluggo (me)
Nancy's boring day (Jeff)
Nancy and Fritzi's date (Jeff)
Sluggo ruins EVERYTHING (Jeff)
The Plan (me)
Nancy's jaunt through the countryside (Jeff)
Nancy parties her pets... TO DEATH (Spacecow)
The secret of the mysterious mousehole (me)
Nancy's moustache-drawing craze goes too far (me)
Nancy the terrorist (MewMewtwo45)
Nancy teaches Tom not to be late for dates! (MewMewtwo45)
Sluggo's an idiot (me)
Nancy tries to bypass robot security (me)
Nancy is delusional (me)
Cheap gag, part two (SuperKoopa)
Nancy's long walk (SergeantJamJars)
I don't think that's a very scientific term! (me)
Glass Man saves the day! (Jeff)
What is Nancy planning...? (me)
So long, cat (me)
Nancy meets Karma (Jeff)
The Twist (Jeff)
Nancy's brilliant plan doesn't pan out (me)
Nancy gets lynched (me)
The note that RIPS A HOLE IN SPACE/TIME (Jeff)
What did Nancy do to kitty...? (me)
Nancy's collection of animal artifacts (me)
Nancy makes the sun mad (me)
Fritzi turns into a tree (Jeff)
Nancy's plan fails (me)
Nancy doesn't know what she's missing (Jeff)
Nancy is tired of Sluggo (Jeff)
Nancy cleans her room by destroying the house (Jeff)
Don't trifle with pink orbs (EclipsedMoon)
Nancy and Sluggo can't escape! (Jeff)
Here comes Nancy! (Jeff)
The gorilla problem finally ends (me)
Fate is not kind to Nancy's sanity (Jeff)
Nancy sees her chance to swipe Sluggo's... boobledink? (Yumblie)
Nancy sees a duck (Jeff)
What a great plane! (Jeff)
Nancy gets ready to show Oscar the KNUKS (Yumblie)
Nancy is ordered to destroy on sight (Jeff)
OH NO!!! (Jeff)
Nancy is alert (Jeff)
Woofy gets it (Jeff)
What is Nancy up to? (Jeff)
How thrilling (Jeff)
Oh Sluggo! (Jeff)
Nancy's Adventure (Jeff)

More might come later, if we make any more worth mentioning
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